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Australia discovers “Schoolies for Seniors” at Beauty Point

Posted on May 03, 2021

Watch Sam Mac singing "seniors for schoolies" here...

We are all still in stitches after the fabulous morning we had when Ch7 Sunrise crew with Sam Mac paid a visit, here at Beauty Point Retirement Resort.

So much fun was had by all. One of the funniest and most entertaining weather crosses seen on Ch7 Sunrise in a long time.

The Sunrise crew described Beauty Point Retirement Resort as a "5-star hotel".

Viewers of Sunrise got to see around Beauty Point and get some insights into what it is like to live here… which essentially is, a barrel of laughs, great facilities, community, companionship, care, and plenty of antics. As Sam Mac sung himself it is like "Schoolies for Seniors”.

Sam interviewed some of the residents and staff and there were plenty of "extreme close ups", where there were plenty of laughs to be had by all.

He spoke with Graham playing billiards, and heard about a cheeky pinch … to the "bum" and it wasn’t from his wife … there were a few suspects, but can we safely say it was Esme? We will never know.

Sam peeked into the Cinema and found a group of ladies dancing to a Neil Diamond concert, then he visited the Beauty Point Hair salon, "where all the fun happens". This is where we met 83-year-old Mick being tricked into having a blue rinse? The question on all our minds - is he still married? Does his wife of 61 years love the new purple look?

Sam also spoke with Jan our star wearing a star who is part of the choir. Jan told us she likes the community, drama group, cinema and the licenced bar which she has named the "Sunset bar" as the sunsets are spectacular from here.

Sunrise viewers were treated to "You are my sunshine" performed by the resident choir aptly named "BP Songsters".

The visit ended with Sam Mac playing on the piano a hilarious song that wrapped up his visit, with the chorus being "schoolies for seniors", that sums it up well. As well as "you guys are a little bit weird ... in a nice way".

All in all, it was a great experience had by all.

The full episode of Sunrise can be seen here https://7plus.com.au/sunrise.

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