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“We create the environments and add the services, facilities and thoughtful extras that give you freedom to choose when and how you decide to retire. It’s all about you, as it should be.”

George Jabbour - Retirement Your Way Director

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Our People

At Retirement Your Way, there are plenty of people dedicated to bringing your retirement dream to life. Our aim is to make your life as comfortable as possible.

George is the Director of Retirement Your Way. George oversees and guides the team with his strong commitment to the company’s values, always reflecting the attitude that people come before assets.

Paul oversees all aspects of Retirement Your Way. He is the technology guru; he is always up to date on all the technology that we can implement for Retirement Your Way to make life easier for staff and residents. He has a comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of development, construction, management and Information technology, making our renovations or new builds top of the line. You won’t meet anyone who is more innovative. He is the son of George Jabbour and has been working for the company for over 30 years. Paul has developed the reputation as being the company’s motivator, always striving to achieve excellence. He leads the entire team with enthusiasm and kindness.

Lisa Papahristos has been the Manager of Beauty Point Resort since 2001. She is part of everything that happens at Beauty Point. Lisa believes that “if we are able to provide a happy and safe home where residents can enjoy a high standard of independent living; encourage a family friendly community of peace, security and happiness and to foster an environment where respect, dignity and friendship are held in high regard, then we have done our job and achieved our goal.

Lisa and her team are dedicated, flexible, face-to-face and willing to go the extra mile. Beauty Point staff and residents often work together toward a common goal – together they can do anything.

Nancy Le, our Registered Nurse, has been part of the Retirement Your Way team since 2009. Not only does she oversee the Personal Care for all our residents, she also runs HomeCare Your Way, which is designed to keep our residents in their homes forever. She spends one-on-one time with each of our residents who are in need, to personalise care plans in order to make life easier in their homes. She is that trusted member of your Retirement Your Way family, prioritising what is best for you by working with you, allowing you to make your decisions on your future.

Abe is our Maintenance Manager and he has a good understanding of maintenance issues and possesses an extensive experience in this role. With a decade-long career in mechanical lift operations, he manages the maintenance of our facilities and machinery at Beauty Point and ensures they are operating within Australian standards. He runs the maintenance team and looks after all our licensed tradesman. With Abe around you don’t have to worry about all those fiddly jobs. No job is too big or too small, from renovating your apartment to fixing complete issues. Abe is just a phone call away. He is very approachable and always has a smile on his face. It’s guaranteed you will enjoy your retirement with Abe around.

Katerina is the person who keeps the office ticking over. She is involved in every moving part that makes up Retirement Your Way. She is efficient, smart and able to “jump buildings in a single bound” or that’s how she makes you feel when she is in charge of a project. Katerina leads the way in customer service and, with quiet confidence, just gets the job done. She has worked with the company for more than 11 years now and is a strong member of our work family. She is the person who welcomes our new staff and makes them feel “part of it” while she trains them to cope with our unusual and fast paced workplace.

Aimee Patel, our Personal Care Supervisor, is at University studying to become an Enrolled Nurse. She is empathetic, enthusiastic and caring. Aimee will move mountains to ensure our residents needs are met. Proudly involved in a new style of retirement living in NSW that aims to retain and prolong retirees’ mobility and independence for longer. Aimee, having been part of the Retirement Your Way team since 2011, knows that the health care services she provides are quite unique compared to other Sydney retirement villages and says while Retirement Your Way can cater for health problems up to level two dementia, most residents rarely need to see her. Instead, they enjoy retirement as she takes care of the little health care issues, like prescriptions, specialist appointments, referrals or organising flu vaccinations.