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From the team that lives, breathes and creates iconic retirement.

Posted on October 15, 2020

Being independent and in your own home is key to a happy retirement. Within a retirement village like Beauty Point Retirement Resort, you have the comforts and familiarities of your own home, but with that extra help to keep you independent and in control of your life for longer.

HomeCare You Way was created to do exactly that… to keep you independent for longer. Ensuring you have everything you need to maintain your health and well-being, connecting you with your community and keeping you in your home for longer.

HomeCare Your Way offers personally tailored care plans to suit you and they range from low to high levels of care. Available if and when you need them. HomeCare Your Way is a genuine alternative to a nursing home and includes:

Personal Care - Bathing, showering, dressing, grooming and personal assistance.

Dietary and Nutrition - Meal preparation and cooking, assistance with grocery shopping or delivered meals.

Nursing Care - Access to Registered Nurses who can monitor vital signs, dress wounds, and provide medication management or provide referrals to Allied Health Services.

Social Support and Transport - Companionship whilst shopping, providing support whilst paying bills, attending personal appointments or for outings to visit family and friends.

Respite Care Support - Short term access to any of our HomeCare Your Way services for when you may need it such as after surgery or an injury.