New lease to life

Getting a new lease of life!

Posted on April 05, 2019

While Beauty Point Retirement Resort residents are well aware of the benefits of moving to the renowned resort, including privacy, independence and exceptional health care services if needed, retirees also enjoy an unexpected advantage: a new lease on life.

As Beauty Point’s Registered Nurse and Health Care Manager, Nancy Le, explains, moving to a friendly, supportive community can have many health benefits.

“Moving to a fun, friendly and social atmosphere means retirees can get out more, enjoy more activities and even get fit if they want to. Many of our retirees do things here they never would have dreamed for doing before,” Nancy says.

“Being socially isolated is not good for the health on any level, so moving to a caring community like Beauty Point is great for improving wellbeing.

“We know health does not just come from the physical. So Beauty Point also looks after residents mentally, and spiritually as well,” Nancy says.

Second-generation resident Val Packham, agrees. Val, who has been at Beauty Point for four years in the same unit where her parents lived, is enjoying life immensely.

“I am very happy here and am enjoying it very much. The services and facilities here are fantastic, I don’t know of any other place that has so many,” Val says.

Augusta Cossetto, who has been a resident for over two years, agrees. “This is not just a retirement village. I found a sense of community here that I didn’t have for years. Everything I need is here, and every day I can do something different. I am very happy,” she says.

Val Lofts, who has been at Beauty Point for over two years, says she has learned things she never would have learned by staying in the family home. “We have a very busy, good life. I have learned how to use the Internet and email. I never would have done it if I hadn’t moved here,” she says.

Nancy says the benefits of community living are complemented by Beauty Point’s discreet, yet extensive health care services, most of which are included in the monthly levy and are therefore free to use at no extra cost.This includes health checkups, medication analysis and support, a twice-daily pharmacy delivery, an on-site doctor’s surgery and regular visits by health professionals, such as a podiatrist and dentist, plus critical care in the event of an emergency.

“We bring the health care services to our retirees, rather than making them go out to get them. With comprehensive health care at your doorstep that costs no extra, our retirees are far more likely to attend to their health and stay fit, happy and healthy for longer,” Nancy says.

“By having health care available in-house if you ever need it, we can pick up health issues that may be missed or put off. As we all know, health often gets moved to the end of the list when you live on your own.”

As Beauty Point resident, Hanah Pickford, explains, it’s about peace of mind. “I’ve got peace of mind knowing there’s trained medical personnel on site 24 hours a day. It means I can just relax and enjoy myself knowing that I’ve got backup if I need it,” Hanah says.

For obligation-free information about the Resort and available apartments, contact Lisa Papahristos, Neil Saward or Ross Symonds on 02 9773 7119, or can be found on our website.