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How to Live Independently in the Place You Love with Help from Home Care

Posted on March 22, 2022

HomeCare Your Way is a full home care service conveniently located at Beauty Point Retirement Resort in Padstow Heights and at the Oasis Peakhurst. This makes it easy for all the resort’s residents to access the full range of services from HomeCare Your Way.

So how does home care help you stay independent longer?

Home care allows you to live safely and securely in the place you love by providing you with any of the in-home aged care services you need to manage your everyday life. You might need help cleaning or you could be managing a chronic health issue so you need some nursing assistance.

Nurses, aides and therapists can all provide their services as part of home care for seniors, depending on what you need.

One of the best things about using home care services from HomeCare Your Way is the fact you can book in regular, aged care support services from the same staff and this way you’ll get to know them so well, you’ll feel very comfortable having them spend time in your home with you.

Home care – the key to living the highest quality of life in your retirement

Home care can be the key to achieving the highest quality of life possible when you’ve retired because it allows you to stay in your own home with a high level of safety and security – but you still have your independence.

With home care, you can access all the medical help you need and avoid going to hospital when it’s not necessary. You can recover from an illness or a small operation but you can do this all in the safety and comfort of your own home.

What does home care include?

Home care includes a full range of services – all carried out in your home when you need them: Here’s the types of services you can book in:

Personal Care: This includes help with bathing, showering and dressing. You can also get assistance with grooming, toileting and continence support.

Dietary/Nutrition Assistance: If you still want to do some cooking, home care can help you with grocery shopping and unpacking. Or if you’d rather not cook, you can get assistance with meal preparation and cooking. At times, you may prefer a delivered meal service. This way you can keep enjoying life in your home.

Nursing Care: If you require assistance from a Registered Nurse, vital sign monitoring, medication management, injections (with your doctors’ approval), wound and bowel care, stoma colostomy and continence support – these are all available through home care. If necessary, HomeCare Your Way can refer to other Allied Health Services.

Social Support/Transport: You could just need a bit of companionship, accompaniment shopping, help with your banking and paying bills, or help on personal appointments and outings with friends and family. You can access all of this through home care and this includes transport to and from locations.

HomeCare Your Way is a genuine alternative to a nursing home

HomeCare Your Way is a genuine alternative to moving to a nursing home because HomeCare Your Way provides every level of level of assistance so you have access to all of these home care services. These levels are based on different care and support needs and there are four levels, starting at Level 1 for basic care needs going all the way up to Level 4 for high-level care needs. The higher the level, the more government funding you receive to help you afford more services.

At both Beauty Point Resort and the Oasis Peakhurst, the 24-hour on-site carer means these communities provide all four levels of home care so that’s Level 1, 2, 3 and 4.

What’s more, residents receive individual support and aged-care support plans. We know there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ care plan because everyone’s different. Your freedom to choose is paramount. Whatever you want - help, support, care, family, friends and even beloved pets – all are welcome.

HomeCare Your Way is a genuine alternative to moving to a nursing home for all the residents at Beauty Point Retirement Resort, the Oasis Peakhurst.

How do I access home care?

The HomeCare Your Way staff will sit down and talk everything through with you. They’ll be happy to help you work out what home care services are best for you and how to register for them. They also offer a competitive price and will assist you with a care plan you can access via a government-subsidised home care package. Or, on a pay-as-you-go basis, if that suits you better.

Home care packages are part of a government-subsidised program designed to provide long-term support for older people who want to continue living at home.

If you’re an older person who needs coordinated home care services to help you stay in your home, you may be eligible for a Home Care Package. There’s no minimum age requirement, citizenship or residency restrictions. However, the program is not designed for visitors to Australia or those only needing temporary or short-term care.

As part of the Home Care Package application process, you will be visited by an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) and they’ll determine if you’re eligible and needing care. They’ll also work out which Home Care Package level you’ll be on.

Once you’ve been allocated your Home Care Package level, the government approves funds to be paid to an approved Home Care Package provider, such as HomeCare Your Way, to administer on your behalf through your individualised care plan.

While there are many different services available through home care, they share a common goal which is to enable happier, more independent living for the people receiving care and this in turn provides peace of mind for their families.

Don’t forget the lovely fact that because you can receive HomeCare Your Way services right where you live – you can have the same friendly and familiar staff member, delivering each service, for as long as you need it.

To find out more information about how to apply for home care services with HomeCare Your Way, call (02) 8708 4700 and ask for Lisa Papahristos and she’ll be able to help you.