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Posted on April 05, 2019

Beauty Point Retirement resort offers a level of discreet health care to its residents that is unprecedented across NSW. Not only does Beauty Point take care of most of the day-to-day health needs for its residents, like pharmacy deliveries and doctors’ checkups, the resort also offers a critical care service.

Manager of Beauty Point, Lisa Papahristos, says the health care they provide is unmatched across the board.

“We are not a typical retirement village. Our residents have their own private residences that offer totally independent living but we also have a very high level of health care services available should they need it,” Lisa says.

Nancy Lee, Beauty Point’s health care manager, explains.

On site medical care“In the event of an emergency, it is the first precious minutes that are crucial to eventual recovery,” she explains.

“All the units are equipped with an emergency button and if that button is pressed, we will be at that unit within four minutes, and our average is within two minutes.”

“We have equipment such as a defibrillator and oxygen, so we can have a resident stabilised very quickly,” Nancy said.

Nancy, who is a registered nurse, says while Beauty Point can cater for health problems up to level two dementia, most residents never need to see her at all.

“What we offer here, most of all, is peace of mind. Our residents enjoy a five-star lifestyle knowing that if our health services are ever needed, they are there when they ask.

“We also take care of the little things, like chasing up prescriptions and getting specialist appointments or organising flu vaccinations, so that residents can just concentrate on enjoying retirement without having to go back and forth to a doctor or pharmacist.

Pharmacy Service“Everyone at Beauty Point is very much focussed on customer service, and naturally this extends to our health care services. Anything we can do to help maintain our residents’ independence, we will do.

“This includes organising physiotherapy or an occupational therapist, seminars on the latest health research, fitness programs and tips, a monthly visit from specialists, plus three visiting doctors on site.

“We also answer any health questions residents may have. So our residents don’t need to go to the doctor as often because, in most instances, we can take care of any problems.”

Beauty Point resident, Hanah Pickford, agrees. “I’ve got peace of mind knowing there’s trained medical personnel on site 24 hours a day. At some places we looked at, when you pressed the call button you were answered by a call centre. Here the staff are on site 24 hours. It means I can relax and enjoy myself knowing that I’ve got the backup if I need it,” Hanah says.

As owner, George Jabbour explains, it’s all part of the service.

“One of the most important things for our residents is the peace of mind of knowing that health services are available if they are needed. But of equal importance is the feeling of living in a holiday resort,” George explains.

“Our residents are reassured knowing that while they are enjoying themselves, if any health issues come up, we can take care of most of them,” George says.

“Care can be gradually increased, but still be unobtrusive. The idea here is to keep people fit, healthy and happy so they can stay independent for longer. And you can’t get better service than that,” George says.