Luxury retirement on budget

Luxury retirement on a shoestring budget!

Posted on April 05, 2019

How would you like to retire to a resort with your own concierge, chauffeur, barista, chef, handyman and 24/7 health care service for less than it costs to stay in your current home?

Sounds impossible? Well, this is now a reality for each of the residents that have made the move to Beauty Point Resort.

“If you are considering retirement, then it’s worth sitting down and doing the maths”, says Beauty Point Retirement Resort’s owner George Jabbour.

“How much are you paying annually for essential services like council rates, water rates, electricity, gas, health care, gardening services, maintenance, repairs, security, entertainment and transport?” he asks.

Hair and beauty salon“Over a full year, these expenses can add up,” he says. “It not only makes more financial sense to live somewhere like Beauty Point, it can also make for a much more fun, independent retirement!” “At Beauty Point, one single monthly levy covers most expenses and heavily subsidises others, meaning simply, by buying your own home in the Beauty Point complex, you can save thousands each year.”

“There’s no extra charge for most of the services, like the concierge, handyman, gym, pool, spa, cinema, Internet kiosk, medical services, coffee

shop and bus; and other services like the restaurant, limousine, cleaners, hair salon and the music concert series are subsidised, so it will often cost you less than half of what you’d pay independent of village life.”

Beauty Point resident, Etta Busutel, agrees. ‘I never imagined I’d be able to have a luxury retirement so close to all my friends and family.”

On site handyman service“The on site handyman’s my favorite service,” says long-time Beauty Point resident, Moira Fisher. “If something goes wrong, he’s only a phone call away, every day. Tradespeople can be so expensive and sometimes you don’t know whether they’ve done the right thing. Having your own personal handyman is so convenient and here it’s free,” she says.

At Beauty Point, residents get to take themselves and their family and friends to the free, private cinema anytime to see all the latest releases.

There is also an endless list of activities for residents to join if they wish. Because it’s your own private home it’s your choice to be as active or private as you like, whenever you like.

The apartments themselves are designed to be ‘apartments for life’ and can be easily adjusted to suit residents as they age, so you can stay in your own home for as long as you like without having to move to a nursing home. But, more importantly, Beauty Point also offers a warm, comfortable, welcoming place to retire, says its Manager, Lisa Papahristos.

“We provide a community where people care and look out for each other, while also offering discreet services so our residents can achieve a level of independence far greater than if they were at home alone,” Lisa says.

Beauty Point residents enjoy:

– Free Handyman service –two registered tradesmen on site full time

– Free bus and Chauffeur for half the price of a regular taxi

– Valet for any needs around the house

– Concierge

– Café, Restaurant, Bar, Lounge and BBQ areas with Barista and Gourmet Chef

– Free health care on site 24/7, registered nurse and care team are on site 24/7 for any health questions or emergencies

– Fully Equipped Gym, Heated pool, spa and sundeck

– 21 seat cinema

– Chapel

– Hair and beauty salon

– Convenience store

– Billiards and games room

– Library

– Free computer facilities and training