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Planning for Retirement Villages: 6 Tips for Retirement Living

Posted on September 14, 2020

Now that you have reached your retirement years you may be looking for ideas on making your retirement living as fulfilling as possible. Here are 6 retirement tips to inspire you to make the most of the freedom you now have and how these can be found at Retirement Villages.

1. Stay Connected

Since humans are social creatures, it is important to keep in contact with the friends you built during your lifetime and to create new ones. Friendships can get even stronger in retirement especially if you reach out and nurture those relationships. You have the freedom to fill your day however you like, so staying connected with family and friends is one of our top retirement tips. At Beauty Point Retirement Resort, we encourage and help all to stay connected, we make it easy for you. Connect via social media, or have video calls with your family and friends. Not only that, if you do not drive, we have a bus that can take you out to meet your friends at a local café or via a shopping trip etc. Friends and family are also welcomed to come visit you in your unit or enjoy a meal with you at our very own restaurant, bar, and café. Living in Retirement Villages like Beauty Point also has the added benefit of having friendly neighbours and community living in close proximity.

2. Eat Healthy

Eating healthy is important any time in your life, however this is more the case in your retirement years to keep you healthy and happy for longer, hence another reason this one of our top retirement tips. At Beauty Point Retirement Resort, we have our very own restaurant, providing healthy well-rounded meals for lunch and dinner. Also, Beauty Points retirement units all come with modern kitchens where you can whip up your very own healthy meals. If cooking is something you do not enjoy or not able to manage on your own, then there are meal services, which can be arranged through HomeCare Your Way. Also, through HomeCare Your Way, we can assist in grocery shopping or unpacking your shopping, services to help you keep your independence and access to healthy food.

3. Health Checks

As we age, it is important to keep on top of our Health and Wellbeing, by keeping up to date with medical appointments, medication prescriptions, scans, flu injections etc. We recommend having a full check-up when you start your retirement and make the steps needed to continue to have a healthy if not healthier retirement lifestyle. At Beauty Point Retirement Resort, everything is at hand to help you feel fit, healthy, and happy. Staying active and independent is fully supported by the array of health services and facilities on offer at our retirement village, all designed to help you maintain a positive, balanced lifestyle. From physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and fitness programs, to visiting doctors and access to visiting specialists via our Allied health service, all the health services you need are only steps away.

4. Keep Physical

Staying healthy and keeping active are all important as we move into retirement. As they say use it or lose it. At Beauty Point Retirement Resort, we help you use it with access to our shared facilities. There is a terrific gym for our residents with HUR Gym equipment with programs personally tailored for your needs. There is a heated pool and spa to exercise or relax in. How about joining a walking group and taking strolls around our beautiful gardens or our neighbouring Beauty Point Reserve or Padstow Heights Reserve whilst taking in the view of Georges River? Staying physical and social at the same time is a win/win.

5. Active Mind

You're never too old or young to learn something new, and now that you've got freedom over your personal time, it's the perfect opportunity to try something new. Crossword puzzles, sudoku and other mind games can be a great way to keep your mind active, but you can also try cooking classes, painting, and other fun mental challenges. Or you can experience the simple joy of sitting down with a good book and immersing yourself in the story. Whatever you do, it's an important retirement tip to take time each day to keep your mind sharp.

6. New Hobby

Having more time to pursue your interests means that you have got time to develop some new ones. That is why one of our retirement living tips is to try or learn something new. Living in Retirement Villages like Beauty Point and all their shared facilities allows you to try something new, without stepping too far from your comfort zone. There are many hobbies to try, such as playing pool or snooker in our games room, taking up swimming classes, joining a book or walking group or simply playing cards with friends in our cards and craft room or virtually over the internet. If there is something out there that interests you, now's a great time to try your hand at it and enjoy the experience.

Join Our Retirement Community

The Oasis Peakhurst is the perfect place to put these retirement planning tips into action. Joining our community, means you can live at your own pace, pursue activities that interest you and make new friends. Contact Lisa today on (02) 8708 4700 to make your one-to-one appointment to find out more.