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Retire at Oasis Peakhurst, knowing everything.

Posted on October 29, 2021

There are few life decisions that generate as many questions as your decision to retire. When you really think about, it the number of ‘where’, ‘when’ and ‘how’ answers that you need before you can confidently make that decision seem endless.

For every retiring couple at this important life stage in Peakhurst, the team behind the new Oasis Peakhurst Retirement Apartments may be the answer to all the retirement questions you’re dealing with right now

Held at the well-known and respected Beauty Point Retirement Resort, the Oasis Peakhurst Q&A Sessions are already helping retirees make informed decisions. Especially amongst locals wanting the option of remaining close to family and friends, in the St George area they already love.

Not only will attendees discover Oasis Peakhurst’s innovative resort-style facilities, architect-designed apartment sanctuaries and the growing community of like-minded and similar aged people who have purchased here, the big questions get answered too.

Your entire retirement journey is made clear. The best pathway, buying your new retirement apartment and selling your old home. Helpful tactics to make your transition a smooth and even enjoyable one.

All the ongoing support, care and help you’ll need as you get older is another common concern. This Q&A Session will also demonstrate how every home care service will be delivered by the same full time, professional health team at Beauty Point.

Realising you’re dealing with a well-reputed, local developer - who also owns the 50-year old building company currently constructing Oasis Peakhurst is great to know. The fact they will also guarantee Oasis Peakhurst’s structural integrity for its lifetime is a huge relief for retirees.

Oasis Peakhurst Q&A Sessions will be held at Beauty Point Retirement Resort, 33 Bernard Road Padstow Heights from 10am every Wednesday and Friday, with a light lunch also being provided.

Call Lisa Papahristos on 0409 849 332 or complete the form below to reserve your place, get all your questions answered and retire at Oasis Peakhurst knowing everything.

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