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Retirement Your Way Expo Announces New Village for Peakhurst!

Posted on June 21, 2019

The Member for Oatley, Mr Mark Coure MP, opened the inaugural Retirement Living Expo at Beauty Point Retirement Resort last week, saying to the crowd of over 100 people he was excited to hear about new plans the group, Retirement Your Way has in the pipeline – including the new village planned for Peakhurst.

“The vision for Peakhurst sounds amazing. I can’t wait for it to be constructed,” he said.

CEO of Beauty Point Retirement Resort, Mr George Jabbour, thanked Mr Coure MP for opening the Expo and explained: “This is our inaugural Retirement Living Expo to launch our new brand and showcase both Homecare Your Way and The Oasis Peakhurst.” He said this group is now called Retirement Your Way because that’s what the group aims to do – “help people to retire in the way they want to.”

The Oasis Peakhurst soon to be constructed

The crowd of attendees listened as Mr Jabbour gave more information about the new village. Called The Oasis Peakhurst, planning for the new village is complete and construction is about to commence. Mr Jabbour said the village will offer safe, elegant living in a striking architect-designed village set amidst lush gardens, with medical and well-being facilities available within the complex as well.

Mr Coure congratulated Mr Jabbour on what the group has achieved already, saying the accommodation at Beauty Point Resort is “better than the Hilton.” He added he notices that every one of the residents at the resort are long term residents, not just a year or two. “They’ve been here for decades in some cases,” he said.

“It’s wonderful because there’s such a love and passion for the local area here and you’ve got such a happy lifestyle,” he added. “You’ve got everything here – I mean I said to George when I came this morning – what’s the entry level to come in here and he tells me it’s 55 so it’s a long way off for me unfortunately, but it is wonderful to be here and I look forward to seeing Retirement Your Way continue to grow and continue to boom,” he said.

Staying relevant in an ever-changing industry

Ms Lisa Papahristos, who’s been the manager for Beauty Point Retirement Resort for the past 19 years, also welcomed Mr Coure and the audience to the Expo: “This is our second major transformation,” she said. “The first was 19 years ago when we started to rebuild an older, rundown village. And we created Beauty Point. I am proud now to be part of the second transformation – Retirement Your Way. To be honest, we are a small fish in a very large pond. But we have, through hard work and listening to our clients, become leaders in our field.”

“We realised early on that to stay relevant in the ever-changing retirement industry, we needed to think outside the box,” she added. “We have been able to do this, because with George’s leadership, he has allowed us to lead. He has supported our ideas and helped create what we have here today. Because of George, because of our residents and because of my amazing staff, we are able to present to you Retirement Your Way – a model that will allow each and every one of our clients, to create a lifestyle that represents them.”

“We offer peace of mind that assures each person that there is life after retirement… that there is independence after retirement,” Ms Papahristos said.

A sister village offers more opportunities

Jan Wallis, President of the Residents’ Committee at Beauty Point Retirement Resort, also spoke at the Expo, congratulating the Retirement Your Way team for what they’ve achieved.

“George’s vision into the needs of people who are retired – and also those considering retirement – is evident with what you see here today at this inaugural Retirement Living Expo,” she said. “For the residents here at Beauty Point, we have an increase in our services because now we have Homecare Your way. This gives residents freedom of choice so life can be lived – your life, your way. Also, at Beauty Point, we have a thriving village community with lots of fun things to do. And with the completion of The Oasis and it being a sister village, there will be more opportunities for us to explore,” she added.

Expert information was available

Throughout the Retirement Living Expo, trusted and respected professionals who are already working with Beauty Point Retirement Resort, were on hand to provide the information people need about a variety of areas including:

  • Retirement living and downsizing
  • Selling your home in the current market
  • Navigating the Government aged care system
  • Medical services and wellbeing as you age, and
  • Estate and financial planning for seniors

The attendees of the Retirement Living Expo were able to talk with these experts and afterwards, they enjoyed refreshments and while looking out over the scenic views of the Georges River.

For more information about Retirement Your Way and The Oasis Retirement Apartments in Peakhurst, call Lisa Papahristos or Laura Hudson on 02 8708 4700.